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Post shit in here regarding boss fights that we're bad at. Maybe even kill videos if some dribbler can work a camcorder.

by Emtee » Wed Jul 13, 2016 2:37 pm


There's no info for this cunt yet. Will update when there is.
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by Emtee » Wed Jul 13, 2016 2:46 pm

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by Ypox » Thu Oct 20, 2016 5:59 pm

Position images:
Wave 1:
Wave 2:
Wave 3:
Wave 4:
Final Phase:

- Paladin picks up the boss to tank because he deals more damage while tanking.
- Tree spawns: Warrior taunts Cenarius, Paladin picks up the tree (tanked on boss)
- Druid picks up dragon and drags it to the sister spawn
- Tree @ 20%: Warrior taunts tree, Paladin resets stacks (gives warrior sacrifice)
- Tree dies: Paladin taunts boss right before next laser (warrior resets their stacks)
- Warrior comes back and taunts boss (drags boss on top of wisp tree)
- Sister spawns: Paladin picks up sister (tanks where it spawns)
- Druid picks up dragon and drags both active dragons to the dragon spawn
- Sister is about to die: Warrior drags Cenarius to the tree spawnpoint
- Sister dies: Paladin cleanses stacks and taunts Cenarius to take a laser (warrior resets stacks)
- Warrior taunts boss after laser goes on paladin
- Paladin picks up double sister (tanked where they spawn) (heavy healing)
- Double sisters die: 15 seconds before the boss starts summoning waves, the boss will laser (dbm timer available) Paladin tank needs to taunt for this laser - drag sister if not dead yet
- Paladin tank will have high stacks now: leave cleansing ground near melee for them
- Laser goes out: Warrior tank taunts after
- Warrior tank brings boss back to Wisp spawn
- Tree turns angry: Paladin picks up angry tree (be quick on taunt) / tanked on boss
- 2 Dragons spawn: Druid picks up both and tanks them on sister spawn (second healer helps)
- Tree @ 20%: Warrior taunts tree, Paladin resets stacks
- Paladin returns: taunts boss before next laser
- Tree dead & Laser soaked: Warrior resets stacks if still possible
- Warrior drags boss back to its spawn position for final phase
- Cenarius casts Spear of Nightmares: before cast ends, warrior leaps to back of tree spawn to place nightmares away
- Spear has gone out: Paladin taunts, taunt very quickly after spear is out (when you see spear flying)
- Paladin tanks boss in that same spot (starting spawn of boss)
- Paladin will attempt to drop nightmares on top of the warrior's nightmares (using horse) (in our video we failed at doing that)
- Now alternate tanking and keep trying to drop nightmares on top of already existing nightmares as much as possible while not dieing to waves
- Druid tank moves dragons further towards tree spawn as Cenarius moves towards dragon spawn

Tanking cooldowns on spears looked like this:

Spear 1: warrior tank: shieldwall & sacrifice
Spear 2: paladin tank: guardian & divine steed
Spear 3: warrior tank: pain suppression, iron bark & demoralizing shout
Spear 4: paladin tank: divine steed, argent defender & iron bark
Spear 5: cross your fingers and hope for the best (whatever's left)

Taken from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKSzOsSovEY
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