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    Faggots on camera killing things.
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    Kill zombies with us and ascend to faggotry levels well over 9000.
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The Guild

Vex Thal has existed since the days of Everquest when neck beards around the globe were collaborating to kill dragons together because going out of the door was scary as fuck. The general consensus of the guild is that we dribble along in raids and laugh our way through it, maybe you'll hear a wheelchair joke... maybe the black guy will steal something from our guild bank.

All in all it's good fun. 

On the right you can look at our forums or something. Great.

If you're looking to join us then you're probably full blown stuck on the ramp with no power left in your chair. That's fine, feel free to register at the top and apply on our forums whenever you fucking well like. I'll probably decline you, i'm a dick like that. This is basically my internet space to write random shit and people sometimes believe me. Cher is a man. See, i just put that out there and now it's true. Here's an extra line of bullshit text so that the video below aligns properly. That wasn't enough though so here's some extra bull.


Applications Dort - Feral Druid (1)
alex2395 > 11-January-2018 7:53:11

Applications Heezy - Ye that one - Frost DK (8)
I'm confuse. Where do you want me t...
Morbo > 23-December-2017 18:47:23

Applications Chocbear - Ret Paladin (2)
Forgot to add legion guilds , seers...
yurason > 23-November-2017 2:51:23

Applications Eveala - Protection paladin (3)
the cancerkid 4000 comes from my se...
eveala > 22-November-2017 12:51:22